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A Day in the Life of Takunda

06:00 a.m: Takunda gets up, gets dressed and is ready to punch the day in the face. He leaves for work, and arrives at 06:30 a.m. He opens up The IT Corner every day, making sure the place is spick ‘n span before opening to the public. After all, when you spend enough time in a place, it becomes your home. And nothing grinds TK’s gears more than having a dirty home. The waiters are well aware of this, they keep extra PS chocolates in their pockets, just in case they piss off TK.

07:00 a.m: The shop is now set up and ready to go. So is Takunda. His cue to leave is now. He goes home, has a couple dozen waffles, does whatever else he does at home, and returns to find a billion requests in his inbox.

08:00 a.m: One can now observe a Takunda in his natural habitat where a sense of urgency fills the air – whatever needs to be done, needs to be done NOW. He’s already received a request to fix a broken phone screen – an iPhone XR, nogal. It isn’t even 9AM yet.

09:00 a.m: The requests for repairs are flying in, this time, it’s a laptop that decided to die. TK is convinced that it’s nothing serious, even though the customer is clearly in distress over it. He reassures the customer, in his calm, saint-like voice that everything will be okay. The customer leaves, and now TK and this dead laptop is due for a bonding session. He takes the plunge. He introduces himself to the laptop and asks it to be nice today.

10:00 a.m: Takunda has made friends with the dead laptop. Now knowing what’s wrong with the laptop, he tackles the issue. He starts to wonder if he still has Jolly Jammers in his backpack. Yup, it’s there. He has them all, ON HIS OWN, without anybody even knowing of the sugary gold he hides everywhere.

11:00 a.m: Tea time for Takunda? HAIBO, WENA. Tea takes time, and TK’s time is money. Skip.

12:00 a.m: Canned laughter ensues. Must be one of TK’s regular customers. You know, we’re all choms here. A couple of copies were made, a couple of prints were printed – everyone left happy. Wait, what, it’s lunch time?

01:00 p.m: Now you see him / now you don’t. Where’s Takunda? In his tech-mobile, busy rushing off to a house-call. One could assume TK is a doctor of some sorts based off of this entry.

02:00 p.m: We find TK in the middle of the shop, busy trying to undress as much as possible without revealing anything. He says it’s hot, but it’s -10 degrees outside. He must be cooking. (No, seriously, there’s something wrong with his body temperature.)

03:00 p.m: TK blows a student’s mind by telling him that he can rent a laptop to work off of for the day. A bigger smile hasn’t yet been witnessed.

04:00 p.m: As Takunda packs up, ready to call it a day, a customer comes in with a strange request; he lost his email password and wants to know if TK can send him a new password. TK starts to tremble, he doesn’t want to make the customer uncomfortable. Instead, he ends up being the uncomfortable one and starts to wonder why people have so much faith in him.

...And that, friends, that’s the story of our Takunda.

...And that, friends, that’s the story of our Takunda.

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