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Meet Nthombi - Our Longest Standing Lady

Picture this, it’s a windy Winter’s day, the year is Twenty-Seventeen, the month is July. This time of year generally paints everything blue, you can see it on people’s faces and in the way they walk. But not Nthombi’s; she’s out here in these streets with a smile on her face that not even the chilliest of wind can smack off. In fact, her smile brings warmth and comfort. How refreshing it is.

Takunda, our IT guy says she would be a good fit. Kader (Big Man, Owner) takes one look at her and thinks to himself; “She must be underage.” She is twenty years old. Not that you can pick that up by her size or energy. Takunda goes on-and-on about how we should hire Nthombi; give her a shot, he says. Kader is careful, but he’s also a man with an open heart. He says, "OK. Let’s give her a week..."

A week later, and Nthombi quickly becomes one of the most diligent waiters The IT Corner has ever had. It’s Nthombi’s way, no highway. And so, through hard work and a smile on her face, Nthombi positions herself comfortably as part of The IT Corner family.

In the two years that Nthombi has been with us, she’s grown from being shy to talkative, and now considers the talking to be the best part of the job – she is very much like Takunda, diffusing tough situations and conflict, and encouraging good vibes. When it’s bad, she makes it good. When it’s good, she makes it better.

What is Nthombi into? Nthombi goes MAL for a lekker Bollywood film. When asked what she thinks about how South-Africans interact with each other, she says shyly and without the want to insult, “South Africans aren’t united. We need to unite.” “But the people are nice. Milo (a co-server at The IT Corner, also, intern at Design Simplified) is from South Africa and he is my best friend.”

*wipes a single tear away as I write this*

And jolling, Nthombi? Of course. You can find her sipping on a Smirnoff Pine Twist at The Bannister hotel on weekends, that’s if she didn’t decide that staying in and listening to radio, or even better, watching a Bollywood film, is the better of the jol options. Soon, Nthombi won’t have the time to jol anymore, she’s planning on starting her studies next year. What will she study? “Either IT or Forex Trading. I’m still deciding. However, my time is running out. It’s a tough decision.” - Nogal a woman with a plan.

This is only a chapter from the storybook of Nthombi. There is still much, much more to come in this powerful woman’s book; YOU JUST WAIT.

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